The Traveller


The Traveller is an adventurous professional whose three most beloved hobbies are travel, writing, and photography. He has combined them, going around all six continents, writing about his experiences, taking pictures of the locales he visits. He lives his life fascinated by the history, the lifestyle, the costums, the economy, the politics of all nations on Earth.

He believes that travel is the best of all universities, and the ultimate uniter of the human spirit. Like Terence, the Roman poet, before him, The Traveller professes that he is human and nothing human should be foreign to him, “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”.

Faithful to his mantra, he has been on the roads since 1995…. He invites you to join his trek, around our blue planet, and in the heart and dream of every human being.


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