“It is a wonderful experience in networking…” – Leonor Corsino.

“It took me sometime before booking my first trip with Travel O Ganza. Now I realized how much I missed, I turned into big fan. The trips are well planned, well organized, safe, with nonstop fun, and educational opportunity. You would never see these faraway places if you were to travel on your own.” –Trevor Layne

“At Travel-O-Ganza, I have enjoyed the interaction with fellow professionals, such as teachers, nurses, doctors, accountants…” – Claire Sejour

“I do not even have to worry about taking pictures of our activities. When I get home, I receive hundreds of them by email, for free…” Sheila Stewardson.

“There is never a dull moment, for it provides multicultural entertainment around the clock…” – Johanne Felix

“This Travel Club is unique. There is nothing like it…” – Maxime Coles.

“Travel-O-Ganza offers much. Indeed this a intersection for anyone interested in travel, world education, and productive camaraderie…” – Yvan Ducheine

“Thanks to Travel O Ganza, I fulfilled two of my dearest dreams in one single trip: visiting Brazil and attending a World Cup. That was awesome! I will not miss the next World Cup.” — Patrick Manzana.

“With a first-class customer service, Travel O Ganza takes care of the members. You do not worry about planning. You enjoy first-class hotels, tours, dining, and entertainment, escorted by an amazing and knowledgeable team.” – Ketty Magnus.

“These trips abroad with the Travel Club grant me to spend time with family, friends and colleagues… These are the best moments of my year… They remind me that the planet belongs to all of us.” – Tony Bien-Aime

“I am amazed by the elegance of the members, males and females. All are professionals…” Margaret Thompson.

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“What makes Travel O Ganza unique is the attention brought to planning and details. Friends and colleagues, of all ethnic backgrounds, meet to experience well-travels venues, as well as remote exotic corners of the planet, and engage in intellectual discussions… I have thoroughly enjoyed my participation to these trips around the globe…” Nissage Cadet.

“I found out that a Travel Club is an excellent place to get a date. You do not have to worry about planning and execution. You only have to show up.” Michael Balmeira

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As a world traveler, I had my first trip with Travel O Ganza. It is a guaranteed that I will never miss a Travel O Ganza trip again…” Jill Mitton.

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“Here is my wife’s assessment: Travel O Ganza offers everything, then more! I have nothing to add…”
Danny Rutherford.

“It is our quest for learning about cultures, customs of many countries of our magnificent world. All of it happens in style.” Denise Gervais.

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